Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Five Guys does almost everything well. The ingredients are fresh and tasty. Although not a very large burger, Five Guys makes up for that with lots of toppings.

Five Guys arrived in Massachusetts with a lot of anticipation. We’re a little slow getting on the craft burger bandwagon – and ineligible to get In & Out – so Five Guys was welcomed with salivating mouths.

Five Guys’ philosophy is centered around the freshness of its beef and other ingredients. Burgers start out as 1/4″ patties and cooked on a flat top griddle. They lose a lot of weight but also fat that way. These burgers have a taste all their own. Lots of other burgers have a buttery flavor but not these.

The list of toppings is extensive. All of the usual but also jalapeños, green peppers, and mushrooms. You can build your burger with as many as you want and they are not stingy. A nice feature of the mobile app is ordering “lite” or extra of each topping or sauce. And they are not stingy with the toppings. The menu can be confusing: order a hamburger and you get two patties. A Little Hamburger is one patty.

Despite the size this burger is filling. You can get your money’s worth with all of the toppings. 🙂 😀

A solid 4 pickles!



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