Kelly’s Roast Beef, Revere Beach

Yes, the famous Kelly’s Roast Beef makes burgers. Really really good ones. You can skip the rare beef and jump on juicy sweet ground beef.

Kelly’s cheeseburger

It’s a thin patty that has lots of flavor. The burgers are a really hidden gem here. I can’t think of something to complain about. There are few options for toppings but the typical lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion are fresh and top quality.

We get the kids cheeseburger meal which has the regular size burger, some fries, and a small drink. It’s everything we want and nothing too much. The fries are basic but salt and ketchup immediately makes them better. Also noteworthy, though pricey, are the chicken fingers.

Revere Beach is a historic place for family time. It vies with Coney Island as the first public beach resort in America. Kelly’s has outdoor tables and the beach has covered benches and tables to sit. However, don’t expect anyone to be cleaning these public areas with disinfectant wipes, especially cleaning up after the seagulls and pigeons. What you can expect is vulgar and inappropriate hip hop music so loud that it’s hard to carry a conversation. Take your meal to go and eat it a half-mile north where it’s much more peaceful. Or get a delicious burger at one of the other many Kelly’s restaurants. One of the other great things about this spot is a camera where you are on the Kelly’s website. (For a short time).

Kelly’s on Revere Beach

Burger rating: 4 pickles overall (but deduct 1 pickle for the Revere Beach atmosphere)



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