Border Cafe, Saugus

Yesterday, I had a burger from Border Cafe in Saugus MA. The Border is our favorite Mexican restaurant. In fact both kids had their first restaurant visits at Border. Driving along Route 1 you can’t miss the giant neon “EAT” sign on the side. But even as the Tex-Mex fare is exceptional I also enjoy their burgers.

Now about the burger. It is a small patty with lots of cheese. I recommend ordering toppings, Because saying “Cheeseburger please” will give you a plain burger with cheese. But other than that, it’s a mighty good burger to eat! Did I mention it has lots of cheese?

The fries are unique – thin and extra crispy. Maybe a little too crispy and not enough potato. Not everyone likes their taste but I have to give them points for being different. Still, a little something mainstream might work better.

As always the wait staff are friendly, attentive, and quick. And it’s nice to see the same servers again and again (which speaks well about management).

There is no desert here unless you count the Skittles or M&M’s available to the kiddies. But turnover is faster without it which helps keep the wait times reasonable. Somehow this place makes you get in, get out, and not feel rushed or that we missed out on something.

You can come for the burger but the real delight is the Tex-Mex and the atmosphere.

May the burger be with you always!

Burger rating: 3 pickles



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