Tasty Burger, Boston

Today I was in Boston MA and went to Tasty Burger. The burger was, of course, very tasty (like the name). We got two burgers and an order of chicken nuggets. What’s missing from the menu is their Butta Burger, probably their signature item. Sadly, it’s been off the menu for several years. I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger. The bacon was a bit extra crispy. I like that they have different sides, including tater tots and onion rings. The burgers had a lot of cheese which made it a lot tastier but without it, it still would have been tasty! This place is trying really hard but they’re missing the mark here. Ditching the Butta Burger was a mistake, along with a lot of other specialties.

There were a few other complaints:

  • The kid’s chocolate milk was tiny.
  • Our waitress was very nice but didn’t check us for refills or ask if we wanted water (it was a 90 degree day).
  • No public Wifi?!?
  • Some might say the burger is a bit salty, but I didn’t notice. 

Tasty Burger has a lot going for it. The burgers are delicious as were the chicken nuggets. The tater tots were good too. At least as good as Wahlurgers. And the food came out quick. There’s a great selection of sauces on the table. They have a sack of burgers which must be a hit with the college crowd.

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3.5 pickles.


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