Bunz Burger, Ipswich

So yesterday I tasted the greatness of Bunz Burger. A delicious burger, with lots of melted cheese and fresh toppings. The tastiness comes from the meat though – slightly salty, juicy, and the right amount of seasoning. Bunz has really nailed the meat and it’s what Five Guys aspires to but can’t with their high volume. The chicken is also exceptional and worthy of its own page. Fries are very good too.

Bunz is a tiny little burger joint in an industrial park. Totally unexpected. Decor inside is nice but it was pretty hot in there. One small problem, Bunz is not open on Sundays, wich is a little disappointing. But it’s OK – get one every other day!

Bunz gets a near perfect score of 4.5 pickles!

UPDATE: as of May 2018, Bunz is closed! How they went out of business with such great burgers, fries, and chicken is a mystery to us. RIP to one of the best burger spots on the North Shore.

All out of Bunz.


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