The Scotty Dog, Beverly

Scotty Dog is famous for their Chicago-style hot dogs, but they can also grille a mean burger. The hot dog menu is extensive with many different kinds. Chicago-style means an all-beef frank loaded with bright green sweet relish, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and a dill pickle. But you can get a dog just about any way you like, and they take dogs seriously.

But today I had the Classic burger – cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, but without mustard. They have three sizes: Toy (single), Standard (double), and Mastif (triple). But the Toy is plenty big for me. Another highlight from the burger menu is the Garlic Burger made with garlic butter and chopped garlic. It’s a fantastic substitute for the lost and beloved Butta Burger from Tasty Burger. Burgers are cooked medium and are high quality and absolutely delicious!

Garlic Burger with tomato

Fries are also done really well but might be a bit salty for some. 

The prices are low and Scotty Dog is a great deal. Cash only though. Scotty Dog is located on a narrow strip on Rantoul Street in Beverly. It’s car hop service where the servers come to your car for your order, payment, and service (even take-out). There are a few outside tables but no indoor seating. 

Scotty Dog gets 4 pickles for providing high quality burgers and dogs at great prices. True masters of their craft!


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