The Scotty Dog, Beverly

Scotty Dog is famous for their Chicago-style hot dogs, but they can also grille a mean burger. The hot dog menu is extensive with many different kinds. Chicago-style means an all-beef frank loaded with bright green sweet relish, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and a dill pickle. But you can get a dog just about any... Continue Reading →


Bunz Burger, Ipswich

So yesterday I tasted the greatness of Bunz Burger. A delicious burger, with lots of melted cheese and fresh toppings. The tastiness comes from the meat though - slightly salty, juicy, and the right amount of seasoning. Bunz has really nailed the meat and it's what Five Guys aspires to but can't with their high... Continue Reading →

Tasty Burger, Boston

Today I was in Boston MA and went to Tasty Burger. The burger was, of course, very tasty (like the name). We got two burgers and an order of chicken nuggets. What's missing from the menu is their Butta Burger, probably their signature item. Sadly, it's been off the menu for several years. I ordered... Continue Reading →

Border Cafe, Saugus

Yesterday, I had a burger from Border Cafe in Saugus MA. The Border is our favorite Mexican restaurant. In fact both kids had their first restaurant visits at Border. Driving along Route 1 you can't miss the giant neon "EAT" sign on the side. But even as the Tex-Mex fare is exceptional I also enjoy... Continue Reading →

Kelly’s Roast Beef, Revere Beach

Yes, the famous Kelly's Roast Beef makes burgers. Really really good ones. You can skip the rare beef and jump on juicy sweet ground beef. It's a thin patty that has lots of flavor. The burgers are a really hidden gem here. I can't think of something to complain about. There are few options for... Continue Reading →

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Five Guys does almost everything well. The ingredients are fresh and tasty. Although not a very large burger, Five Guys makes up for that with lots of toppings. Five Guys arrived in Massachusetts with a lot of anticipation. We're a little slow getting on the craft burger bandwagon - and ineligible to get In &... Continue Reading →


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